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50PCS Bee Queen Cages Plastic Protective Cover Cage Cell Box Cup Rearing New Bees King Tools Beekeeper Beekeeping Set Supplies

Name: Bee Queen cage

material: plastic

Size: as shown

Quantity: 50PCS

Application: Beekeeping use

Features: high quality materials, safe and environmentally friendly, colorless and tasteless

Instructions for use

1. Fix the black base on the queen frame first, then add wax to the lid and fix the wax cup so that the Wangtai cup mouth is a little higher than the lid.

2. Place the sponge that has been sucked with honey on top of the lid.

3. Then put the queen cup in, let the worker bees trim for half a day.

4. Take out the queen Cup and move the insects in.

5. After a few days, queen cup will come out and you can put on a protective cover.

Note: The above methods are for reference only. If you have a method, please use it as you wish.

Due to language translation problems, there may be some errors, please forgive me