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Professional Hair Dryer Strong Power Barber Salon Styling Tools Hot/Cold Air Blow Dryer For Salons and household

1. Gently dry your hair with a towel to remove excess moisture.
2. Set the hair dryer on the highest calorific value (II) and speed (II), and let the air flow circulate in the hair. Don't concentrate in any one area.
3. When the hair is almost completely dry, reduce the heat setting (I) and speed (I), and then start to style the hair as needed.
4. Use the concentrator attachment to make the air flow more directional. When using, please connect the concentrator to the drum of the dryer. To remove, allow the dryer and accessories to cool, then gently pull them away from the dryer.
5. After reaching the desired style, press the cool breeze button to set the cool breeze style. The cool breeze button is located on the top of the dryer handle. Press the button and the airflow will cool down. Shooting is used to fix curls in place. Press the button and hold it for the required time. When the finger is released from the button, the dryer will automatically restore the previously selected temperature and speed.
6. After drying, please wait for the product to cool down before storing. Do not wind the cord around the dryer. Use lifting rings. This prevents wires from tangling and premature wear.
Handle folding: not foldable
Speed adjustment gear: third gear temperature
Nozzle style: single set nozzle
Function: hot and cold air
Overheat protection: Yes
Rated voltage: 220 (V)
Rated power: 1000W (inclusive)-1199W (inclusive) (W)
Motor: DC motor
Hot wire: spiral wire
Weight: 540g/pc

Packing list:
1 2200W hair dryer
2x comb
1x concentrator
1x diffuser
1x gift box