Roborock S5 max Vacuum Cleaner Wet Dry Robot Mopping Sweeping Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Wash Mop upgrade for S50 S55

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Your personal robotic home cleaning service!

· Ultra-large water tank: The Roborock S5 robot vacuum and mop has a 290 ml water tank, which is one of the best-in-class capacities for a vacuum cleaner. It holds enough water to mop up to 200 sq. m of space in one shot.

· Smart top-up water tank: It comes with the latest generation of the ultra-precise peristaltic pump. Since the vacuum has an automatic water shut-off feature that activates instantaneously when docked, this robot vacuum cleaner can be filled with water accordingly for the next cleaning session.

· Customized room water volume and suction: With its precise water management feature, you can easily select the type of room and floor to be cleaned. Based on this input, you can further choose the appropriate amount of water and suction pressure for thorough cleaning.

· Excellent scheduling facility: The S5 robot vacuum cleaner’s advanced scheduling feature allows you to set various factors for automatic cleaning. You can use the dedicated app to set different timings, water level and suction power, and coordinate a scheduled time with respective rooms or floors.

· High climbing ability: This smart vacuum cleaner can easily climb over high edges, such as carpet linings. It can climb up to 2 cm (0.8 in) tall, and then automatically switch to max mode to clean the carpet efficiently.%alt%%alt%



We offer three year warranty for the robot. If there is any damage, we will send you the parts for free, please you install it (we will send you the installation video). But if it is artificially damaged, you need to pay some fees.


Why choose the Roborock S5 Max?




Ultra-large Electric Water Tank

​The electric water tank of S5 Max has a brand-new ultra-precise peristaltic pump and it is large tohold 290ml of water, good for mopping 200sqm once.


Consistent Mop Pressure

A spring-loaded mop pushes the mop pad onto the floor with a constant 300g of pressure, giving you mopping that is as thorough at the end as it is at the beginning.


Precision Water Management

Precision water management gives you control over the amount of water used, so you can choose the best amount for cleaning different floor types. And the water tank is testedfor 1500 hours following the robot.


Dedicated No-Mop Zones

Set no-mop zones around carpets, so you can automate mopping without worrying about soaked carpets.


Automatic Water Shutoff

Water is shut off completely when S5 Max is docked,so you can leave the robot filled up and ready for the next mop.


High Precision Navigation

A high-precision laser navigation system scans your room at 300RPM,creating areal-time map of your home.



Adaptive Route Planning Algorithms

Adaptive algorithms calculate the most efficient cleaning route for each room based on shape and location of obstacles. So the cleanup is up to 15% faster.



In-Depth Scheduling

Advanced scheduling allows cleaning to be setfor different times on different days, even different suction and water levels, for specific rooms or an entire floor of your home.


Virtual Barriers and Zone Cleaning

Place virtual no-go zones and barriers, or direct the robot to clean specific spots and are as using the Roborock app.


Optimized edge cleaning


High Climbing Ability

Climbs easily over 0.8in (2cm) high thresholds and carpets,automatically switching to maximum power when cleaning carpet.


Long-Lasting Power

Intense suction easily lifts dirt off hard floors and drags it from deep inside carpets, while a large 5200mAh battery keeps it cleaning for up to 190 minutes in Quiet Mode.



Smart Top-Up

When cleaning a larger space, the robot calculates how much space remains for it to clean and returns to top up enough to finish, rather than recharging to 80% each time.


Easy Mop Installation

Using a unique drawer design, the mop bracket can be installed and removedquickly and easily, without flipping the robot over or removing the water tank.


Fast and Easy Maintenance

Maintenance should be easy and fast, which is why the robot includes a quick-release main brush, mop bracket,water tank, and dustbin. A washable air filter and mop pad allows these items to be used longer before they have to be replaced.



Basic Information

Product Size

353 x 350 x 96.5 mm

Package Size

489 x 403 x 152mm


Black, White

Navigation System

Laser Navigation

Max. Suction

2000 Pa


58 W

Dust Bin Capacity

460 ml

Water Tank Capacity



About 3.5kg


Run Time

150 min


5200 mAh

Cleaning Area

250 ㎡

Charging Time

<6 hours

Obstacle Crossing Ability

Up to 2 cm

Hardware and Design

Spring Loaded Mopping

Electronic Water Tank

Floating Main Brush

Carpet Pressurization Mode

Detachable Main Brush

Dynamic-speed Side Brush

Drawer Design of Mop Panel


Room Selective Cleaning

Real-time Mapping

Setting virtual barrier/ zones in app

Dynamic Z-shaped cleaning patterns

Mopping bracket detection sensor

Customized room water volume and suction

No-mop zones

Smart Top-up

Adjustable Water Volume in Mopping

What's in the box

Roborock S5 Max


Charging dock


Moisture-proof mat


Power cable


Mop cloth mount


Mop cloth




Roborock S5 max Vacuum Cleaner Wet Dry Robot Mopping Sweeping Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Wash Mop upgrade for S50 S55 Roborock S5 max Vacuum Cleaner Wet Dry Robot Mopping Sweeping Dust
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