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---Because it is easy to sweat in summer, in order to ensure the viscosity of the gel pad, it is necessary to clean the skin before use. Gel Pads need to be replaced on time.

---There are 3 option ,HipTrainer, Abdominal, Abdominal+Hip. Please kindly pay attenttion when place order.

Dear customers, We are experienced on dropShipping Orders for a long time. We are experience on print LOGO OEM service and make blind dropshipping by fast shipping.

---New version EMS muscle stimulator:
LED display screen + USB charging + 10 vibration modes + 20 intensity levels.
---Hip Trainer:
6 vibration modes + 9 intensity levels.
Beginners recommend starting from a low gear

---The EMS device is charged via a USB interface. This enables you to use the EMS device anytime and anywhere, with 3 connections simultaneously charge.

---Efficient training: A 20min training with the EMS device corresponds to the stimulated muscle groups, such as a 2000m run, 200 sit-ups and 60min swimming.For your health, our abdominal muscle trainer switches off automatically after 20 minutes according to human needs . Automatic shutdown in 30 seconds if there is no skin contact.

---Easy & easy to use: It is a healthy fitness device technology that stimulates muscle movement. EMS training devices are super light, ultra thin and easy to put on. The EMS device can also be worn inconspicuously under your clothing, with the aim of increasing muscle strength and burning fat.


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