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Acupressure Massage Mat Pillow Set Acupuncture mat Yoga Mat for Relieve Stress Back Neck Sciatic Pain Relaxation Tension Release

Acupressure Massage Mat stimulate countless acupressure points on the skin or foot. Regular use can help improve - circulation / energy levels / stress/anxiety / neck & shoulder pain / insomnia
Total of 6210 Non toxic ABS pressure points. Acupressure can reduce muscle tension in back, neck, shoulders,improve blood circulation & sleep quality
Acupressure Mat : L 63 cm x W 40 cm x H 2 cm. Neck Pillow: L 43 cm x D 16 cm x H 10 cm. Mat and pillow can be easily and comfortably stored for transport in the acupressure bag.
High-quality processing, durable material as well as attractive colours and designs make our acupressure set the number one choice when it comes to relaxation, regeneration and meditation.
Note: The acupressure mat should always be washed separately, because the plastic tips could damage other textiles.

Tips: Some batches of Massage Mat do not have logo.The quality is the same, just the difference in logo.


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