1 pcs Printed Medical Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage 4.5m Colorful Sports Wrap Tape for Finger Joint Knee First Aid Kit Pet Tape

Size Chart

S: 2.5cm*4.5m; M:5cm*4.5m; L:7.5cm*4.5m; XL:10cm*4.5m


1, Various colors and colorful

Because the product color is too much, please choose the color you want according to the selection picture , thank you.


2, Good Breathability

Good breathability, ensuring the skin's breathing and refreshing


3, Self Adhesive, No Sticking Muscles, Skin and Hair

This stickiness makes it possible to dress the wound, finger or joint,
When you want to replace or tear it off, don't tear the wound or body hair, thus reducing the pain.


4,Easy to Tear

Good elasticity, easy to tear


5, Suitable for a Wide Range




Multiple Colors Available




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