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●When washing for the first time, adding a small amount of salt to clean water can reduce the discoloration of the new product during the first washing.

●Do not soak the clothes in water containing detergent for a long time before washing to avoid discoloration or deformation of the clothes.

●When washing, add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent (without bleaching agent) to clean water not exceeding 40°C, soak the clothes for about 5 minutes after dissolving evenly, then gently rub the stained area, and then rinse with clean water.

●Please wash as soon as possible if you are stained with oil, stains, or wetted by sweat or rain to avoid peculiar smell and bacteria growth.

Clothes of different colors should be washed separately to avoid staining during mixing.

●Do not fold clothes when they are not dry. Turning over to dry can slow down the discoloration of clothes.

●Do not rub against hard objects, coarse cloth clothes or static chemical fiber clothes for a long time to avoid pilling of clothes and affect the wearing experience.

●Prevent contact with corrosive substances to avoid damage to clothing.

●Do not iron the printed rubber part of clothing at high temperature.

The washing method of the above clothes is for reference. Please refer to the recommended washing method on the washing label of the purchased product. If the product is damaged due to improper washing method, it will not be returned. Please understand.

%alt%size selection

The product details page has detailed instructions on how to choose the product size. The size recommended by the customer service is for reference only. For the specific size selection, please carefully read our measurement guidelines for physical measurement data and try-on reports. Since the measurement data of the product comes from our manual measurement, please understand that there is a little error during this period. The measured value of some products with a strong sense of design will also be different from the actual measurement data. Please refer to the actual product.

●If you are satisfied with the product, please remember to give us a 5-star positive review. If you are not satisfied with the product, please remember to contact us as soon as possible, and we will help you solve it until you are satisfied.Product Details

●All product pictures are produced by professional studio shooting. We try our best to restore the actual color and texture of each product. However, due to the difference in lighting environment, display device color deviation and personal understanding of colors, it may cause a difference between the actual product and the product picture. There is a color difference.

●Due to fabric cutting and printing and dyeing process, the patterns of some products may have some randomness, please refer to the actual product.

Non-quality problem description

●Clothing process or washing friction pilling is a situation that occurs during normal wearing process.

●The appearance of thread ends in the mass production of garments is inevitable, which is normal.

●Thickness of clothing (different personal definitions cannot be identified), routing, feel, and other details are not quality issues.