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Features:tracksuit sportswear designs fun ideas with contemporary lifestyle and latest trends, pleasing pets and their owners and delighting all who like pets. we offer multi colors & sizes, this dog clothes not only for small dogs blend, also for medium, large pets .

ULTRA SOFT - This super cute puppy jumpsuit made by ultra-chic breathable human hoodie/sweatshirt cotton material , provides cozy warmth during the winter with soft Sherpa fleece lining, perfect cold weather days, spring, autumn. pet-friendly elastic for comfort.

EASY FIT - Celebrate your pup's fun and sassy nature with this adidog sweatshirt. This fun dog sweater outfit slips on and off easily and offers a warm and comfortable fit, and features a hoodie .Your pet will love This comfy and cozy hoodie, and it will keep them warm and looking super cute at the same time!
DURABLE - Dog hoodie is double stitched in all the right places for durability and has a super soft interior for extra comfort. Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

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The size of each product is different. Do not choose based on buying habits. Before ordering, please check the size table carefully and choose the size that suits you. Consider the logistics speed. For growing dogs, please reserve more space. For the bust and back length, two values must be selected correctly. You can also contact the seller to suggest you choose a size.


High-quality fabrics, real people test elasticity


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